Mom Sets World Record By Donating 86 Gallons of Her Own Breast Milk

breast milkSit a bunch of women in a room and bring up breastfeeding, and it's like Goldilocks come to life. Chances are one woman will be producing too little, one too much, and one just right. But "overproducers" take notice: a Texas mama who jokes that she became a dairy cow after giving birth has just set a world record for the amount of breast milk she donated to a milk bank.

Go ahead and take a wild guess at how much Alicia Richman pumped for the Mother's Milk Bank of North Texas. Now add a few dozen gallons. Yeah, I said gallons.


Richman, who also breastfeed son Drake with the milk she was producing, managed to donate 86 gallons of breast milk to help premature babies. That's about 32 gallons more than the woman who held the record before her.

Pardon me for a few moments while I remove my hands from my computer keyboard and start a wild round of applause. This mama rocks!

And as much as she rocks for doing this, we need to give her credit for coming forward and talking about this story. I've found that breast milk donation tends to be infectious. One woman does it and talks about it, and another woman says, "Hey, I could do that too!" And so it goes.

We featured a mom of three who manages to juggle pumping for preemies with working, going to college, and parenting, and she credited a family member who had once donated breast milk as her inspiration. Now that mom's sister is a new mom to a beautiful baby girl, and she said she's hoping to do the same thing after she gets in a regular breastfeeding routine with her daughter.

I'm not saying anyone is expected to push out 86 gallons (!!!), but if you're like Richman, and you need to have extra bottles on hand every time you pump anyway, what's the point of throwing it away? Your child can only eat so much, but just one ounce can feed a preemie three times over.

What do you think? You in to try to beat Richman's world record?


Image via shingleback/Flickr

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