Mom & Grandma Allegedly Smack Around Daughter's Bullies -- But Who Wouldn't?

school busesWhat would you do if your daughter was being bullied? What would you do if she was being bullied to the point where she came home every day from the 4th grade in hysterical tears, so upset and mortified that she couldn't even speak -- that the only way she could tell you about what happened to her was by writing it down on a piece of paper? You'd probably call your daughter's school, expecting them to address the issue ... right? See, that's exactly what Rebecca Sardoni of New Jersey did when her 9-year-old daughter started getting harrassed. But according to Sardoni, the school did nothing to stop the bullying -- in fact, the treatment just got worse and worse.

So Sardoni decided to take matters into her own hands. (With a little assistance from her mom Stephanie.)


According to Rebecca and Stephanie, they told the driver of the bullies' schoolbus what was going on, then boarded the bus, found the boys and, well, gave them an earful.

According to Police Chief Michael G. Mastronardy, however, the avenging duo smacked the boys in addition to "cursing" and "screaming" at them, and that's why they're being charged: Rebecca with simple assault, criminal trespass and making terroristic threats and Stephanie with criminal trespass. Both women say they regret getting on the bus to yell at the boys, but deny the accusation that any type of physical assault took place.

Now, I have no way of knowing what actually happened on that school bus, and obviously there's no excuse for smacking around a couple of 9-year-old kids (even if they are smartass meanies). But as for the rest? I get it. In fact, I would probably do the same thing myself if my kid was getting mercilessly bullied at school and administrators weren't stepping in.

If anybody should be charged with or blamed for anything, it's the person or people responsible for doing something about the bullying as soon as Rebecca complained. What was Rebecca supposed to do, keep sending her daughter to school like everything was fine?

Would you take on your kid's bullies if school administrators failed to step in?



Image via Alex Starr/Flickr

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