Puppies Keep Boy Lost in the Woods Safe Until Rescuers Find Him (VIDEO)

puppiesHere's one for the dog lover in you. A little boy with Down syndrome wandered away from home and was lost in the woods overnight in Alabama this week. When searchers finally found Kyle Camp, the 10-year-old was doing OK ... thanks to some puppies who had cuddled up with him to share their body heat.

Darnit, I think I have something my eye. Or is someone cutting onions somewhere?


You hear about these "dog protects child" stories every once in awhile. The other day we saw a dog actually save a baby girl's life. And one of my earliest memories is my mom telling me that a little girl in my nursery school class was missing. When rescuers found her, she was all cuddled up with, you guessed it, her family dog.

Point is ... dogs rock. Add some kids, and it just gets better!

In this boy lost in the wood case, the puppies didn't actually belong to Kyle's family. They belonged to one of the volunteer searchers, who had the mother dog with him as he combed the woods. The sounds of the puppies barking helped lead him to the little boy who was soaking wet and shoeless.

Regardless, Kyle is OK! He was treated at a hospital and released to his very worried family. And a big part of the good news here is thanks to the dogs who were smart enough to cuddle up and keep the little guy safe.

I think about that when I send my daughter outside to play just about every day. We have a fenced in backyard, so the chances of her wandering into the woods like little Kyle is pretty slim. But still, I send the dog with her because you never know WHAT could happen. 

I have seen our lovable mutt come to my little girl's aid enough times that I trust her. They are like two peas in a pod, and I trust that she has my daughter's best interests at heart ... just like these wriggling, adorable balls of fur and a little boy who was scared and alone and missing his family.

Check this little guy out:

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