Woman Gives Birth on Subway & Platform of Passengers Applauds Baby's Arrival (VIDEO)

SEPTA train

One passenger traveling on the SEPTA in Philadelphia literally had the ride of her life yesterday -- when she gave birth to a baby boy right there on the train.

Ironically enough, the woman was actually on her way to a doctor's appointment when she went into labor, and apparently the baby just couldn't wait until the train stopped at the station before he made his entrance into the world.

And the state of shock she was in when she finally did make her way off the train with her new little bundle is very obvious, considering what she said when she walked up to a SEPTA police officer with her baby.


She showed him the child and said, "This is my baby. I just had a baby."

And officer Loyd Rodgers had no choice but to believe her, because the newborn still had his umbilical cord attached. He of course, assisted her immediately by wrapping the baby up in a blanket.

Take a look at this video clip to hear the whole story.


OMG! Don't you love that everyone on the train platform was cheering for her? While I'm sure she was a little bit scared about whether or not her baby would be ok, having all those people there to celebrate her son's birth must have been incredibly touching.

She's definitely going to have an amazing story to tell her little boy as he grows up -- and I'm sure she'll remind him of his birth story every time they ride the SEPTA together in the future. But something tells me if she has any more kids, she'll think twice about hopping on the train during her last trimester.

Does this story make you nervous about taking public transportation near your due date?


Image via KYW-TV

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