Kids Encourage Us to 'Vote for Somebody' in Amazing 'Call Me Maybe' Parody

Vote for SomebodyIf ever there was a good use for Carly Rae Jepsen's song "Call Me Maybe", this is it." A group of fourth graders from Harlem's Democracy Prep School in New York took the tune and recorded an amazing anthem set to it that encourages people to get out there and vote.

With their pure voices and compelling lyrics, it's completely catchy. You'll be singing the chorus all day: Vote for Obama or Vote for Romney. It's your civic duty. Vote for somebody. Check them out.


With all of the heated political debate many of us engage in everyday, it's hard to fathom that anyone isn't as concerned about the election as we are, that anyone would NOT vote. The fact is, however, that plenty of people don't. Whether they're too busy, too apathetic, or too fed up, they forfeit one of the most important rights we have in this country. It's unfortunate for them and for their children for whom they may be setting an example.

So I love that these kids who aren't even old enough to vote yet are sending such a strong message to us all. As they sing, "So many 'round the world long for democracy ..." I hope their song gets stuck in the heads of everyone who hears it and makes them get out and vote.

Do you love this take on "Call Me Maybe"?


Image via YouTube

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