Dad Threatens to Shoot Crazy Drivers to Protect His Son (VIDEO)

dad threatens to shoot speedersWhen drivers just wouldn't lay off the gas near his California home, one father couldn't take it anymore. So he's taken some pretty extreme action to protect his 4-year-old son -- he's threatening to shoot speeders.

After repeated attempts to get drivers to slow down that didn't work, he got out his markers and made big old sign telling them just what will happen if they don't. It reads: "Warning! You hit my kid, you will be shot!!"

Papa Bear isn't messing around! While it's a bit extreme, I have to say I don't blame him.


There's nothing worse than being outside on a lovely day while the children are riding bikes and Big Wheels, when all of a sudden a car whizzes by, leaving you in a cloud of dread and fear for all the accidents that could happen in the blink of an eye. The father told WTVR that he does his best to keep his son safe, but he can only do so much:

They don’t get it, you tell them to stop and they just stare at you. They just keep going in the street, regardless of me being out here, it doesn't make a difference. You can tell them stop, stop, stop, they’re kids.

And I agree to an extent. No matter how closely you watch them, or how many times you teach them to look both ways, the fact is that sometimes small children will wander into the street, or bikes roll there, or they dart out when you're least expecting it. And if cars are speeding recklessly, then tragedy can strike. Nobody needs to be going that fast anyway.

So while threatening to shoot people isn't exactly the most ideal way to solve the problem, if it works, then great ... and no one will get shot.

Do you think this dad's approach is too extreme?


Image via WTVR

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