Mom Gives Birth in Elevator After Hospital Sends Her Home

elevatorWhen Ninfa Ramirez started going into labor this past Sunday, she did what any other mom-to-be who is going into labor does -- she went to the hospital to have her baby.

But when she and the father of her baby, Armando Ortiz, arrived at the hospital, the nurses determined that she wasn't quite ready to deliver yet, so they sent her home. Shortly after getting back to her apartment in the Bronx, she realized her baby was indeed, about to make her entrance into the world.

And that's how Ninfa wound up giving birth in the elevator at her apartment building instead of safe and sound at the hospital where she belonged.


OMG!! Of all the crazy places to have a baby -- can you ever imagine doing it on the floor of an elevator? And can you imagine the father of your child and a couple of his buddies being the ones to actually deliver your baby? (Talk about humiliating!)

And if the mental image of this poor woman pushing out her baby in an elevator in the Bronx isn't unpleasant enough -- then the fact that the little girl weighed in at 9 pounds, 8 ounces should make you cringe a tad. (Ouch.)

But perhaps the most head-spinning part of this story is that Ortiz said he isn't even upset that Ninfa was sent home by those nurses, because he's "just proud to be a dad." Wow -- he must be a seriously calm man who doesn't rattle easily, because if this had happened to me, I'd be absolutely irate!

Thankfully both Ninfa and her baby are ok after their ordeal, but still -- shouldn't those nurses get a little bit of reprimanding for fluffing her off and sending her on her way when she was obviously about to deliver a baby? At the very least, an apology would be nice -- and maybe they should think about signing up for some sort of refresher course on labor and delivery.

Would you freak out if this happened to you? Or would you give the nurses the benefit of the doubt for their mistake?


Image via Sam Howzit/Flickr

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