Young Justin Bieber Fans Donate Their Concert Tickets to Sick 7-Year-Old

justin bieberTwo little Justin Bieber fans have great big hearts. Dawson Beaty and her friend, Samantha Brown, heard about Emma Routh, a 7-year-old Texas girl battling Fanconi anemia, a rare blood disorder, on Facebook.

Emma desperately wanted to attend Justin Bieber’s October 29 concert in Dallas but her parents couldn’t afford to take her. There's nothing sadder than a sick kid who has a dream that can’t be fulfilled not for lack of want but for lack of funding. My heart broke for little Emma and her parents.

No fear, there are still kind people in the world.


Samantha and Dawson both had tickets to see Justin Bieber, but they donated them to 7-year-old Emma and sacrificed their own tickets to the concert. These little girls are a class act.

If good things really do happen to good people, I’d say Samantha Brown and Dawson Beaty are due for front row seats to Justin Bieber's concert complete with backstage passes. These girls made Emma’s wish come true with their selfless act.

What's the biggest act of random kindness you've ever done for someone else? 


Image via radio1interactive/Flickr

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