Racist Blackface Skit at School Pep Rally Is a Major Fail for Teens Everywhere (VIDEO)

racist pep rally

So here's a really bad idea for a pep rally: Have some white students dress up in black-face and re-enact the Chris Brown-Rihanna domestic abuse incident "as satire." THAT HAPPENED. Students at upstate New York Waverly High School performed this skit at a pep rally in front of students, parents, teachers, and administrators. And supposedly this skit was approved beforehand, so it's not like the kids got a wild hair and decided to pull some impromptu minstrelry.

Can you imagine being a black student at that school and watching that whole thing just roll out in front of you? Wow. I can't believe anyone was okay with teenagers doing this. Seriously, who could have possibly have thought this was a good idea?


Are there really any grown-ups left in American who still don't know that wearing black-face is offensive? ANYONE AT ALL? Because that's just one of many things that are wrong with this sketch. Black-face = Racist. Period. Especially in a school with very little diversity. This isn't some country club circa 1925.

There's also the re-enactment of a domestic abuse scene AS ENTERTAINMENT. Like, haha, remember when some guy beat the shit out of his girlfriend? That was hilarious! What kind of message does that send to the students? That domestic violence is just a big joke. That's exactly the opposite of what kids need to hear right now.

Now, of course, administrators are offering some vague non-apologies. Here's Superintendent Joseph Yelich, who claims he didn't know about the skit beforehand:

The Waverly School District is committed to creating a positive atmosphere through all activities. I’ll be working with building administration, staff and students to develop future activities consistent with that commitment. There is a set of concerns that a number of individuals have had, and we want to address those concerns. I want to be sure administration and staff and students know what our expectations are.

So no real apology, no clear, unequivocal statement that the sketch was unacceptable, and nothing about what the consequences will be for the staff and students involved. FAIL. If I were a parent at this school I'd be furious.

What do you think Waverly school administrators should do about this pep rally?


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