Infant Dies After Hot Soup Is Spilled All Over Her (VIDEO)

flowerAs moms, I think most of us can think of fewer things more terrifying and tragic than our babies being harmed. It seems like every day we hear stories about children being kidnapped, bullied, or hurt in some way -- and it just makes us want to run home and cuddle our little ones. But sometimes terrible accidents happen inside our homes. And, I imagine, it makes things a million times worse.

An 11-month-old baby was killed recently when a pot of boiling soup somehow fell off of the stove and onto the infant girl. I mean, could you imagine?


The baby reportedly suffered burns on up to 30 percent of her body and was rushed to Children's Medical Center in Connecticut. According to police, she had serious burns on her face, chest, upper arms, scalp, upper back, and inner left leg. The baby was transferred to Shriner's Hospital for Children in Boston, and she passed away from her injuries. She was buried Friday.

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I truly can't think of too many things more tragic and heartbreaking than this. Here, a family member was just cooking soup and it resulted in death. I mean, really? How cruel can this world be?

I hope that this family will somehow manage to eventually pull it together. But I know that's asking a lot. I really don't know how one recovers from something so absolutely terrible. Everybody, go home and hug your babies extra tight tonight.

How awful is this? Have you ever injured your baby by complete accident?

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