Sweet Little Girl Gets First-Ever Haircut for Awesome Cause (VIDEO)

Until a couple weeks ago, 6-and-a-half-year-old Gianna Delli Santi had the sort of hair every girl envies: long and luxurious, falling down her back in shiny ripples. Gianna adored her Rapunzel-esque auburn waves so much, she'd never had a haircut in her life.

She can definitely say she's had a trim now, though. Gianna recently appeared on the Wendy Williams Show to have eight inches of her hair chopped off in one can't-take-it-back moment while cameras were rolling -- and wait until you hear why this big-hearted first grader chose to get such a drastic new 'do. On live television, no less.


Williams has partnered with the American Cancer Society to host a "Wendy Hair Drive" during October. All month long, she's showing live TV of people getting their hair cut to help make wigs for patients going through breast cancer treatment.

Gianna's mom saw Wendy's call for hair donations on Twitter, and says that her daughter was happy to volunteer:

We saw [that] the Wendy Show was doing a hair drive. I was just talking about it with my husband and Gianna overheard me and said she wanted to cut her hair. I said you don't want to do that because I knew how much she loved her hair. Her exact words were 'Mommy, it's hair. It'll grow back. My hair makes me happy and I want to make someone else happy that is sick with cancer.'

Her mom emailed producers that night, and she got a call the next morning. I can imagine that they were all over the idea of showing such a cute little kid on the show, and it looks like Gianna survived the ordeal just fine:

(Seriously, she's so composed! My boys act like scalded baboons whenever a pair of scissors even gets within a foot of their heads. I'm going to make them watch this not only as a lesson in generosity, but as an example of how it's possible to endure a haircut without spazzing out all over the place.)

As you can imagine, Gianna's mom is super proud of her:

Breast cancer has hit our family. My great grandmother died of breast cancer. Four of my cousins have had it and are still dealing with it. We do the Great Cancer Walk with my job. One year I pulled Gianna in a wagon. Words can not describe how proud I am of her. She is such a brave little girl for not only cutting so much of her hair off but to do it on national TV.

I agree. Donating hair might seem like a relatively small gesture, but I can only imagine that it was a very big deal to a little girl who'd never even had a trim before. What a kindhearted kid! (Now let's just hope her donated hair ends up where it's supposed to go, and not on Wendy's head.)

What do you think about this story? Do you think little Gianna was brave for donating her hair?

Image via YouTube

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