Boy Who Rescued His Grandmother Shows World His Burned, 'Ugly' Face to Teach Kids About Fire (VIDEO)

seth cutright

Brave little Seth Cutright wears the scars of his heroism. The 12-year-old boy rescued his grandmother from their burning home after a propane tank exploded, setting the house, and his grandmother, on fire. Seth picked up his grandmother and carried her out of the burning house -- which is pretty incredible, given that Seth is a slight boy. Seth said he smelled gas but didn't know what the smell was. When his grandmother lit a cigarette, the boy said there was a "boom" and a "flash" and then the house went up in flames.


Seth and his grandmother, Rose, were the only ones home when propane gas began to leak into silently into her bedroom. Once she lit the cigarette, the tank blew. Seth carried his grandmother outside and lay her on the ground. Then he rushed to a neighbor's house to have him call 911. The two are recovering at the Oregon Burn Center.

Seth's grandmother is alive but in critical condition. Seth, on the other hand, seems fine except for the horrible burn scars on his face. Asked by the reporter what he thought when he looked in the mirror, the little blue-eyed boy said, "Woah, I'm ugly." But Seth wanted to do an on-camera interview to warn others about the dangers of propane gas and smoking.

I'm really hoping that bullies won't make an issue of his face, but of course, you know they will. Thankfully, Seth's doctors told him that his face will eventually heal and look completely normal.

Fires are incredibly scary (I've been in a couple myself) and usually your adrenaline takes over and you just run. It's amazing that Seth had the presence of mind to save his grandmother.

The lesson here seems to be to not smoke in the same room where there's a propane tank.

What do you think of Seth's bravery?

Image via KATU

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