7-Year-Old With Fatal Brain Tumor Inspires Amazing Acts of Kindness From Neighbors (VIDEO)

Estevan CatalanI simply can't imagine feeling pain greater than that which 7-year-old Estevan Catalan's parents must have felt last week. After he started seeing double and feeling dizzy during a fun run at school, doctors told them their son has a rare tumor on the stem of his brain. More than 90 percent of children die within 18 months of this diagnosis.

To make matters worse, the very night they learned this fateful news, they were served an eviction notice. According to KGW.com, the boy's father, Gonzalo Catalan, had been out of work for a several months, and his mom was just about to start a new job. It's more than any family should have to face, and that's when their amazing neighbors stepped in so they wouldn't have to face it alone ... or on the streets.


When they found out the family's situation, the neighbors stepped up and got funds together to pay the family's rent for five months. And now the family can stay in the home and focus on their son. The neighbors didn't stop there. They also cleaned their house and filled the pantry with food and set up a web page where others can donate as well.  Gonzalo told the station, "Everybody has literally started moving mountains for us, and they've done things for us that I would never expect from anybody."

Amazing. When you talk about it taking a village to raise a child, you've got to hope you're surrounded by a village like this.

Over the years I've known too many children killed by cancer. Short lives snuffed out by this beast of a disease that leave me wondering if there's any goodness in the world when something so bad can happen to innocent children. But stories like this offer some assurance that there is. While it doesn't change Estevan's fate it will hopefully help his family cope with it at least a little better.


In what ways have you seen your community come together to help the family of a child who is seriously ill?


Image via KGW.com

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