Yearbook Photo of Girl With 'Third' Eye Is Creepy But Kinda Cool (VIDEO)

Imagine if, while in the sixth grade, you suddenly developed a third eye. What would you do? How would you feel? Would you use your power for good or evil?

Those are the questions plaguing Tilda Nörgaard, a sixth grader in Sweden, who has according to all sources, including her sister, Anna, only two eyes. Unless, of course you bother opening her class yearbook, where you can see that a yearbook photographer was decidedly NOT paying attention and added a third eyeball to her beautiful face.

We've seen some crazy class pictures, but this one takes the proverbial cake. Reason number 2,473 that we hate taking class pictures.


Remember the glory days when Mom would dress you up, slick your hair down, while you moaned in agony, annoyed that you had to wear that one outfit Grandma picked out that made you look like Little Orphan Annie?

We do.

Which is why we all groan when we take out our yearbooks, humiliated that we'd been forced to wear that awful hat just like Blossom, wondering what we'd been thinking. It's also why our pocketbooks groan twice (or is it three times, now?) a year when our darling wee ones have to have their school portraits taken.

Now, granted, none of our kids have ended up with three eyes, but the same phony smile we used to flash for that stupid yearbook photog shows up on our kids faces. For twenty dollars a pop. Three (or more) times a year.

We do it anyway, because, well, someday, we want OUR kids to be as humilated as we once were.

Nothing, of course, will ever compare to the humiliation that Tilda Nörgaard must've endured having a magical third eye implanted onto her forehead during what has to be one of the most pivotal times in a young girl's life -- Junior High.

Thankfully, the company who somehow managed to overlook an accidental addition of a third eye to a beautiful young girl will be giving Tilda Nörgaard monetary compensation and will be issuing yearbooks to each student, where, the company promises, all students have, much to their relief, only two eyes.

And from now on? We'll never complain about the phony smiles and the outrageous costs of school photos, now that we've seen just how bad these photos can be.

Check out the video to see the picture:

Can any of your old yearbook photos top this?

Image via Kelly's Kustom Pinstriping/Flickr

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