Teens Hospitalized for Eating Marijuana-Laced Cookies -- In School!

Cookies. Who doesn't love a nice batch of freshly made cookies? Freshly baked chocolate cookies are my idea of heaven. Apparently, a couple of teens in Phillipsberg High School felt the same way about cookies that I do. With one major difference. My cookies are laced with sugar, not marijuana.

What's shocking is not that kids do drugs -- we were all teenagers once. Remember the days of wine and roses (or really, the days of whine and Guns 'n' Roses)? The truly shocking thing is that these cookies somehow managed to find their way on the school grounds -- likely from a student (although with teachers these days you never know).



It's not clear whether or not these kids eating the cookies knew they laced with drugs or not: Was it a joke? A gag? Something the kids did intentionally to get high? All we do know is that the kids ended up in the hospital for "treatment." Oh I'll bet.

One thing is for sure: teens bringing baked goods to school should be a tip-off that something isn't quite right. Teens don't bake, unless forced, and the school should've taken notice of that.

I have to wonder just how often this sort of thing happens and what schools can do about it. Schools are a place for learning (why yes, I am a nerd, thank you very much) and not for recreational drug use. Color me boring, but I'm all about learning. Heck, I'd go back to school for a degree I don't even need if I had the time.

Maybe it's time that the schools started cracking down on bringing baked goods into the schools. I mean, (as noted) kids will resort to pretty much anything to get drugs into school, and while there are measures in place -- locker searches and the occasional drug-sniffing dog -- to protect schools from allowing kids to bring drugs, maybe it's time to take a good hard peek into teens baked goods.

Honestly, I've never met a teen who baked without the express purpose of using brownies (or, apparently, cookies) to throw pot or hash into, so why not take a closer look into those baked goods?

You never, clearly, know what you might find.

Have you ever suspected your kid of doing drugs? What did you do about it?


Image via scubadive67/Flickr

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