2-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday With a Shot of Whiskey -- What?!

whiskyIt's not like 2-year-old Sonny Rees is the first toddler to be served an alcoholic beverage at a restaurant (believe it or not, this is getting to be fairly commonplace). But usually these stories involve a bartender accidentally filling a kid's sippy cup with some kind of sweet concoction. Like when Applebee's gave that 15-month-old a margarita. Yum! Of course the little guy got hammered! Who wouldn't suck that drink down?

But when his family took him out to celebrate his 2nd birthday, Sonny Rees didn't get a pina colada or a daquiri or anything else worthy of a little umbrella -- Sonny Rees got a whiskey. Straight. They even made it a double.

And Sonny Rees pounded that bad boy like a pro.


Did I mention this incident occurred at Frankie and Benny's restaurant in Swansea, Wales? Wales, as in, the original birthplace of Jack Daniel's legendary "American" whiskey? That's right. So of course when Sonny drank the whiskey, his parents just patted their little Welshman on the head, beaming with pride, and then the whole pub broke into song:

Musha rin du-rum do du-rum da, Whack for my daddy-o,
Whack for my daddy-o, There's whiskey in the jar.

Okay, fine, the last part didn't really happen. And anyway, that's an Irish song (guess they would've been stuck singing Tom Jones). Here's what really happened: Once they figured out their 2-year-old was wasted, Sonny's parents complained to the waitstaff and took him to the emergency room, where doctors pronounced him drunk (but fine).

So, all's well that ends well (and with an apology from the restaurant). I still can't help but marvel at this little boy's ... er, precocious taste, shall we say. Again, it's not like the waitress brought him a fuzzy navel or a mudslide or a jello shot! Can't you just imagine him sitting in that very same pub on his 21st birthday? Drank my first shot of whiskey right here ... yeah, I was 2. What of it?

Are you surprised that this little boy actually drank the whiskey?


 Image via Jim Sher/Flickr

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