Two-Year-Old Insults Kate Middleton & It's Off With Her Parents' Heads

kate middleton flowers toddlerA two-year-old's admiration for pretty princesses will only go so far. Poor Kate Middleton faced the limits of her charm this week when she met little two-year-old Lola Mackay, who was chosen to hand the Duchess of Cambridge a bouquet of flowers during a visit to her town. Lola remembered to smile and be polite, but she just wouldn't hand over those flowers!

Good thing Kate has a good sense of humor -- she just laughed. Lola's mom, Jayne Baillie, laughed too. "Lola calls her the princess, but she didn't hand the flowers over." I wish I could see the video for this -- the little girl who refused to let go of the flowers. Either she was too nervous or she really, really wanted those blooms. That is such a two-year-old move, isn't it?


There's just something... special about that age where kids just start learning how to be social, talking and meeting people, but haven't yet let go of their baby-ish ways. They'll tell Grandma she's fat. Or they'll say "thank you" when they mean "please." They'll go through the motions of sharing a doll but yank it back at the last minute. (You didn't really expect me to give that away, did you?) Or there's my favorite -- gnawing on piece of food and then politely shoving it in your face so you can have a bite, too. THANKS!

I can just see this little girl meeting "the princess" and being so overwhelmed by the excitement and the formality that she just froze and couldn't loosen her grip on the flowers! Or maybe she just really, really loved those flowers -- more than she loves princesses. Or maybe she just couldn't understand why this woman needed the flowers, anyway. I mean, it kind of looks like she's already got plenty of her own flowers! Actually, seeing things through the eyes of a two-year-old can sometimes be enlightening.

Does your toddler make funny social faux pas like this?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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