Teacher Abuses 5-Year-Old Autistic Boy for Not Listening

Esraa Mohamed Soliman
Esraa Mohamed Soliman
As if the parents of children with autism needed another reason to be uneasy about sending their kids to school, a kindergarten teacher in Florida has just dished up a particularly horrifying tale. Cops say Esraa Mohamed Soliman dragged an autistic boy by his backpack, then rubbed a shoe in the 5-year-old's face.

And this woman works in a school? With kids?


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According to the cops, when the 5-year-old wasn't listening, the teacher grabbed his backpack straps and used them to drag him to a chair. Obviously upset (because, well ... ) the child responded by chucking his shoe at the teacher. In turn, the teacher allegedly smushed it in his face.

I don't care how inappropriate his behavior might have been, her's was worse -- especially when you consider this child has autism! His behavior was likely tied directly to his disorder, and a woman employed by a school should know that, and know how to act accordingly.

In fact, she should know how to act around kids, period -- whether they're acting up because they have autism or just because they're jerks.

My daughter isn't on the spectrum, but every time these sort of stories crop up in the news, the worrywart side of me tunes in. Kids in a school are essentially captives, right at the mercy of the adults around them. We, the parents, depend on those adults to get it right, to keep our kids safe, and to make school a place they want to go back to.

As long as there are people like this working in schools, no parent can rest easy when they say goodbye to their kids in the morning. 

What do you think of the allegations here? What should happen to this teacher?


Image via Sheriff's Office

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