Mom Forced to Deliver Baby on Plane After Her Water Breaks In-Flight

airplane cabinStories about women giving birth in odd places seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but every time I hear about a baby being born on an airplane, I ask the exact same question out loud: Why on Earth would any pregnant woman even think about boarding a plane during her last trimester?!?

And one mom from Russia should've thought long and hard about the possible consequences when she boarded an Aeroflot flight from the Ukraine to Moscow earlier this week, because she wound up delivering her baby mid-flight with the help of four flight attendants and one of the other passengers, who just happened to be a nurse. (Whew!)


The plane, of course, made an emergency landing, probably after the pilots were informed that a woman was giving birth to a human being somewhere in the main cabin, but that doesn't change the fact that this lady gave birth in one of the most unsanitary environments possible! (OMG. It's bad enough having to breathe the recirculated air on a plane, let alone bring a baby into the world during a flight.)

Labor and delivery are stressful enough without adding such complicated circumstances into the mix, so I can't even imagine the state of panic this woman must have been in when she realized her water had broken at 30,000 feet.

Luckily her baby girl was born safe and sound, which had to be in part because of all of the assistance she received from the people who were willing to help. (I wonder how this same scenario would go down if U.S. flight attendants were involved?) 

They were both taken to the hospital, and we can only hope that they're both doing ok after their ordeal in the sky. But if you're pregnant and thinking about taking one last flight before your baby arrives, you may want to reconsider after hearing this story. Something tells me pushing out a child while riding on a cramped, not-so-luxurious airliner isn't exactly the most pleasant birth experience imaginable.

Do you plan on flying during your final trimester?


Image via DearEdward/Flickr

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