Outraged Parents of Teens Suspended for 'Energy Mints' Should Talk to Their Kids Not the Media

It's not exactly news that schools seem to have gone suspension happy. Kids seem to get suspended for just about any old reason now -- from a bad haircut to a Post-It note prank to hugging a friend. The latest involves four teens who were suspended for eating "energy mints." I'd never heard of the things, but apparently they are like energy drinks in tablet form. Since caffeinated drinks are allowed in school, the kids thought there'd be no prob. But prob there was.

After teachers saw them eating the "mints" during lunch and mistook them for drugs, the teens were pulled from classes and banned from all homecoming events, even when it became apparent they hadn't taken drugs. Hysterical overreaction? Could be. But ever wonder WHY schools are so hysterically overreacting? Look in the mirror, parents, because you have something to do with this.


It's not just schools that seem to forget all common sense sometimes. It's also parents. Think about the parents who sued a school for kicking their child out for cheating. Or the mom who sued the coaches for cutting her son from the basketball team. Parents sued one school for not teaching about condoms in sex ed. Think schools are dictatorial hard-liners? They have to be, otherwise you parents sue.

If these teens had taken some kind of pill, tablet, or "mint" in school that subsequently caused a health issue, their parents would be the first to blame the school. These particular parents aren't suing (yet), but they've taken their outrage to the national media.

Since the "mints" apparently gave the teens an elevated heart rate and blood pressure, maybe these parents need to talk to their kids instead of journalists. Why are their kids caffeinating themselves? Are they tired? Maybe they need to get to bed earlier or exercise more or meditate. Teens shouldn't start on the "pill popping" mentality. It's one reason this country sees more deaths each year from prescription drugs than car accidents.

Kids are already overcaffeinated with sodas and energy drinks. Now they need energy pills too? Says the mom of one of the teens:

This is 2012 and caffeine is just caffeine. I drink soda, Jake drinks soda, I didn't see anything wrong with the caffeine pill.

Hm, if your kid turns into a middle-aged man with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, and obesity due to all that sugar and caffeine, I wonder who you'll blame.

Do you think the kids should have been suspended?

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