Baby Beats Insane Odds to Share a Birthday With His Dad & Grandpa

I don't know what the chances are of a baby sharing a birthday with his or her parent, but thanks to this amazing story, I now know how rare it is for three generations to be born on the exact same day: rare. Like, really rare. As in, a 0.000751 percent chance.

Despite the staggering odds, October 3 turned out to be an extra special day for the Nixons of Waymart, Pennsylvania. Little Ryan Charles Nixon was born right on his due date -- which happens to be the same birthday he shares not only with his father, but with his grandfather as well.

Three generations of sons born on the same day! Seriously, how awesome is this family's birthday parties going to be?


Ryan Nixon's grandfather Clifford Charles Nixon was born on October 3, 1961, and his son Justin Ryan Nixon was born on the same day in 1989. The entire family must have been shocked when Justin's wife Katie was given a due date of October 3, but it seemed highly unlikely that their baby would arrive as scheduled -- she actually started having contractions more than a month ago. Doctors predicted she had less than a 5 percent change of giving birth in October.

Unbelievably, Ryan was born via C-section right on time. As for the birthday serendipity, his mom couldn't be more pleased:

It was perfect. The whole pregnancy, I was hoping that it would happen. (...) I thought I wasn't going to make it to October, let alone the third.

I'm sure this has happened to other families, but it's definitely the first I've heard of it. I can only imagine how fun it will be to celebrate all three generations each year -- I'm picturing three different cakes, each with a variety of candles (Grandpa's will be the fire hazard, natch).

Do you know of any kids who share a birthday with one of their parents -- or a grandparent? Or both?

Image via gfpeck/Flickr

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