Mom Slaps Girl Who Won't Share Ice Cream With Her Daughter & Gets Arrested

ice cream coneApparently, don’t mess with Texas is more than just a saying in San Antonio. Police arrested Talysa Herron for allegedly hitting a 10-year-old girl who refused to share her ice cream with Herron’s, 4-year-old daughter.

The 10-year-old had bought herself a frozen treat from an ice cream truck when Herron’s daughter asked for a bite and grabbed for the ice cream. The 10-year-old refused and slapped the smaller girl’s hand away.

The older girl began to walk home ... with a pissed-off Talysa Herron, crazed mama bear, in pursuit. What happened next is mind-boggling. Herron, 29, yelled at and slapped the girl across the face. The 10-year-old ran home as Herron stalked her by car. When confronted by Cyndi Lafontaine, the girl's mother, Herron beat her too!


Damn! Talysa Herron is one crazy bitch. I completely understand getting pissed at a big kid for slapping at your tiny little angel and wanting to slap the shit out of her but who does that? Can you say child abuse? It wasn’t even her child. You don’t hit other people’s kids, ever. That’s asking for an ass beating.

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I’ve said on many occasions when I’ve been confronted by an out of control, disrespectful child that it is their mama’s fault for not teaching them any manners. They are a product of bad parenting. But chasing the kid home and literally beating their mama’s ass is “lock you up in the asylum” insane. 

If I were Cyndi Lafontaine I would have been out of my mind pissed off. I don’t spank my own children. There is no way that I would allow some other mother to slap my child. That’s pretty much throwing down the mama gauntlet and asking to get beat down. You think don’t mess with Texas is scary? Try don’t mess with another Mama’s baby unless you want to throw out your hand to administer a bitch slap and pull back a nub.

What would you do if an adult hit your child?

Image via Steven Depolo/Flickr

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