Jerry Sandusky Sentencing Brings Out the Best & Worst in Moms (VIDEO)

jerry sanduskyI think it's safe to say that most parents feel like Jerry Sandusky is getting off easy with his sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison -- I think most parents, myself included, would prefer if the convicted sex offender could somehow be forced to experience the hell his victims went through. I can only imagine how the actual parents of those boys feel. Like the mom who joined four of the victims in court to testify on behalf of her son.

It's not clear why this particular victim didn't testify in person, though I wouldn't be surprised if he simply couldn't handle the additional trauma of standing up and sharing his personal horror story with the world. But it's clear why his mom stepped in -- because wouldn't any mother jump at the opportunity to publicly condemn someone who hurt her child?

Well, no. Not in the case of Dottie Sandusky.


Let's not forget: Jerry Sandusky's adopted son Michael says he was one of the former Penn State football coach's victims, too, which is especially stomach-turning -- particularly when you consider that his mother stood by her husband until the trial's bitter end, apparently with "tears in her eyes." Now, I can't say whether or not Dottie Sandusky knew what was going on at the time of the abuse, but even all these years later, isn't it her responsibility to stand up for her child?

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There's truly nothing about this case, beginning to end, that doesn't make my skin crawl -- as a human being, let alone as a mom. But when I even begin to consider how I might react if one of the victims were my child ... I can barely bring myself to imagine such a thing, honestly.

What do you think about Dottie Sandusky's choice to stand by her husband?

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