5-Year-Old Girl Living Without Her Mother Gets a Cinderella Happy Ending in a Pumpkin Patch (VIDEO)

military homecomingWhen you're in preschool, there's pretty much nothing better than a class field trip. The thought of leaving your classroom and venturing out into the world with your teachers and friends to do something fun is pretty much the most exciting thing a kid can imagine. Unless, of course, your mom has been stationed overseas in Afghanistan and just happens to show up and surprise you. That is even more exciting.

That's just what happened when 5-year-old Brooklyn Corson went to visit a pumpkin patch with her preschool class. It was her first field trip ever and will likely be her most memorable one ever. There she was perusing the pumpkins, probably wishing her mom, Catherine Corson, was there to help her decide which one to choose, when all of a sudden, she showed up. She wasn't supposed to be home until Christmas, but there she was before Halloween even hit.

News cameras captured the reunion on tape, and it will make you melt.



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Oh, it's those long hugs that kill me every time. Typically young kids squirm out of embraces after a few quick seconds, so when they really cling like that, it just turns me into mush.

While all of these emotional military homecoming videos are heartwarming and make us really realize how much soldiers give up to serve our country, there's something about the ones with moms returning that hit me extra hard. I think about all the little things they miss, like school field trips, as well as the big stuff, and my gratitude and admiration for them just explodes.

How sweet is this?


Image via WKYT

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