Bully Brothers Who Attacked Student on Bus Need a Whupping

school busAn Arizona seventh grader, Parker Brockman, was attacked by two bullying brothers as he rode the bus home from school. He did nothing to provoke the two brothers. They simply saw him as an easy target and decided that it might be fun to taunt him and tag-team jump him on the school bus.


What the hell is wrong with these kids? This is one reason that I am glad that my girls don’t ride a bus. Apparently, it's pretty common for kids to be bullied and beaten on their rides to and from school. It seems every day there is a new kid who’s gotten his ass beaten for minding his own business on the ride home.

Unluckily for these bullies, they picked on a kid whose mom happens to be a local personality. She took the story to the news and now it is getting national media attention. Perhaps this will serve to shame these bullies into submission. Lesson learned. Maybe?

Personally, I would have been so pissed after seeing the video of some bullies double jumping my sweet baby that I would probably have rode the bus the next day ... with a crowbar and a bad attitude. I don’t take too kindly to people putting their hands on my kids, especially for doing absolutely nothing. If it’s a fair fight and my kid is a willing participant or instigator, then by all means, they deserve to get what they give, but never would I tolerate my child haphazardly picking on another child.

I’m not a turn the cheek kind of person. I may try to reason with insanity once, but after that, if people continue to violate my child’s personal space, terrorize them by putting their hands on my child, make my child feel inferior, or just old-school bully my kid, I have no problem stepping in and contacting parents, calling principals, the authorities, or maybe even paying a bigger sister to kick a little mean kid's ass. Probably not the most politically correct option, but when it comes to my children, I’m doing what’s best for them. To hell with what’s the most politically correct and appeasing to the general public. I’m sorry if I offend you with my mama bear antics, but you offend me with your lax parenting of a clearly mean child.

How do you deal with your child’s bully?

Image via kb35/Flickr

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