11-Year-Old 's Pink Mohawk for Mom With Breast Cancer Almost Gets Him Banned from Basketball

pink mohawkWhat is wrong with people?! Seriously, I really want to know: What could possibly make an adult (an elementary school principal, no less!) tell an 11-year-old boy he would not be allowed to try out for basketball because of his pink mohawk -- the pink mohawk he was wearing to support his mother in her fight against breast cancer. Oh, and in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You probably want to believe this was some kind of misunderstanding, right? Sadly, no. In fact, it almost sounds as if principal Cynthia Frost has it in for 6th-grader Trevor Frost (but I'll get to that in a minute).

See, all the kids in Foster's family have hairstyles in honor of their mom. 9-year-old Jairis has pink highlights, Caleb and Trevor have pink mohawks with the breast cancer ribbon design shaved into the side. "You feel special because you know you are supporting," explains Trevor.


So you can only imagine how Trevor felt when he was walking out to his school bus and Frost stopped him to tell him that because of his mohawk, he couldn't try out for basketball.

"It made me feel sad and furious all at the same time," says Trevor. I bet! Especially because it felt all too familiar -- last year Frost told him to turn his pink shirt inside out and hand over an "I Love Boobies" bracelet -- both also worn as a show of support to Mom.

WHAT?! What is wrong with people?!

Thankfully, after Trevor's dad started a Facebook campaign and contacted "as many school board officials as he could find," Frost changed her tune (even offering to help him organize a breast cancer fundraiser and dressing in a pink suit). But Trevor is still hurt:

"She apologized but it didn't help much. I'm still disappointed that she said what she said. It was just wrong to say that."

Exactly. Just WRONG. And I can't wrap my head around it.

What do you think?

Why would a principal pick on an 11-year-old boy for a hairstyle meant to support his mom with breast cancer?


Image via Simon Carrasco/Flickr

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