High School Students Send a Special Message to Michelle Obama for Keeping Them Hungry (VIDEO)

Hungry teensTeenagers are so creative when they want to be, aren’t they? Usually mom and dad, unsuspecting grandparents and sometimes teachers are on the receiving end of their innovative excuse-making or their inventive yarning. But First Lady Michelle Obama is getting a little taste of it too, just in case 14-year-old Malia isn’t giving her enough of it at home.

A group of Kansas high schoolers put their snarkiness to music to create a little ditty called “We Are Hungry,” a parody of Fun’s “We Are Young” that simultaneously protests the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 and sends a clear message to Mrs. Obama that some kids are less than fulfilled by their scanty school lunches. 


Engineering this four-minute production proves just how annoyed teachers, parents, and obviously students at Wallace County High School are about the un-portion-ate restrictions. (Get it? Un-portion… never mind.) By the video creators’ own admission, active teens require 2,000–5,000 calories per day. But here’s the thing: just because the policy limits school lunches to 850 calories doesn’t mean the kids have to starve. It just means they aren’t going to get the bulk of the calories they need in that one mid-day meal. 

(The boy who sits down in his long jump is my favorite.) 

Teenagers are notorious for skipping breakfast, so they could beef up that morning meal or bring along healthy snacks to supplement what they feel is lacking in lunch substance, especially if they’re involved in after-school activities and sports that keep them away from dinner—and hence, their next meal—longer than they would like.

But there’s nothing wrong with the policy itself because these Kansas kids and their frazzled teachers and parents aren’t taking into account that there are plenty of kids out there eating and barely moving afterward. Since obesity is one of Mrs. Obama’s bailiwicks, it explains why she’s stripped lunchtime down since some communities—maybe not in Kansas, but plenty of others—are having a harder time stripping down the size of their kids. So if you play ball or cheerlead, good for you. Just know not all teens are burning their food off that fast.

Kudos to these students for their cute creativity, but I think they’d be better off walking swiftly and carrying an apple. Or a granola bar. Or a baggie of carrots. Or some yummy graham crackers. Or fresh pineapple.

Time to go cook dinner, clearly.

Do your kids complain of being hungry after school lunch?

Image via Gaulsstin/Flickr

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