High School Principal Deserves to Lose His Job for Texting Student 3,000 Times

There are so many things wrong on so many levels with this story that I'm not sure where to begin. Let's just get straight to it. A Brooklyn high school assistant principal has been stripped of his duties after it was discovered that he sent almost 3,000 text messages to one of his students in three months. He's married. She's 18. They apparently do nothing -- I mean NOTHING -- but text. And, if you can believe it, the guy is claiming he did nothing wrong! He was just helping her out with her problems! Excuse me while I call bullshit.


It all started when another student observed some unprincipal-like behavior between Christian Del Re, 32, and his female student. Some of the suspicious behavior reportedly included him playing with the girl's hair and her leaving his car. That's when officials discovered 3,000 text messages (along with some 3 a.m. phone calls!) between the two over 90 days.

But ... get this. Both student and principal say he did nothing wrong. Both say the principal "never touched" the girl. He says that he was merely helping the girl with some issues. He reportedly told investigators that the girl "would talk to him about problems at school, problems with other students and problems with her boyfriend."

How is this an excuse?! Is he a counselor? Is he a therapist? Is he the world's savior? Did he do this for the male students too? Did he tell his wife about the texts and calls since they were so innocent?

Parents send their kids to school to learn and to be taken care of by mature, responsible adults. Any adult who can find 3,000 messages to tap out to a teen girl a) isn't performing his job, and b) isn't mature and responsible. What about this girl made her so worthy of so much individual attention? Hmmm. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this girl wasn't a toothless hunchback.

Many of you will probably ask why the teen's parents weren't checking her cellphone. It's a good question, but a better question is, Why is a 31-year-old principal texting his student?? Considering the texts all happened over a short period of time, and considering she may have deleted them as they came in, let's not play "blame the mother."

Anyway, officials say they are seeking this guy's termination, but they also say he's been "reassigned." Does that mean to another school? Hope not.

Do you think a principal should text a student under any circumstances?


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