Teen Licks NYC Subway Railing for $1 -- & You Thought Oral Fixation Ended at Toddler (VIDEO)

teen licking subway railingWhen I was pregnant and riding the subway to work every day, I used to see kids licking the railings and seats and god knows what else all the time. True story. It was disgusting. I would think to my childless self, "How do these parents let their kids do this? I mean, this is a subway. In New York City!" Then I had a baby and started hanging out with other people with kids, and I realized, "Ohhhh ... Kids put everything in their mouths. And parents don't have 38 sets of eyes. Gotcha." (Still, though. Gross.)

But you'd think the subway licking would be done at around, oh, I don't know, age 5 or so? I don't have a teenager yet, but I'm hoping that once I do, I can confidently send her off onto a subway without worrying that she's going to, you know, put her tongue on anything. Even if it does result in a crispy one-dollar bill.

After seeing this video of just that, though -- a teen licking a really long subway railing -- I feel like I don't know anything anymore.



Ah, teens. There really is nobody in the world quite like you. I'm torn between being completely and utterly grossed out by this act, and envious of the confidence this kid has in his immune system.

New York City Subway Railings: Finger-lickin' good, apparently. To both babies and teenagers.

How much would it take for you to lick an NYC subway railing?



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