Possible Diaper Shortage Could Mean Higher Prices or Using Cloth Diapers (GASP!)

baby in diaper
Enjoy that diaper now, little buddy.
Nothing like a diaper plant explosion to make us cringe at the fact that acrylic acid is used in disposable diapers. But this is serious, my fellow parents. This is the stuff hitting the fan kind of serious. There is speculation there could be a diaper shortage as a result of the massive explosion at a chemical plant in Japan -- they are one of the world's largest producers of this key component in disposable diapers.

The acrylic acid is a main ingredient in a resin called SAP -- it is what makes diapers absorbent. But now we have to brace ourselves for what could turn into the biggest blow-out ever. This could mean no more convenience, much more laundry, and (gasp!) no more diaper cakes!


We all know what happens where there is a gas shortage. The prices soar. Now we have to worry about that with diapers! There may soon be long lines of people attempting to buy what's left in stock. And, worse, there could be empty shelves and just one last 'sposie in your diaper bag.

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Many of us are going to put potty training into high gear.

I will also note that this is a terrible thing that happened because almost three dozen people were injured in this explosion at the Nippon Shokubai plant, and one brave firefighter lost his life.

Will this send disposable diapers users scrambling to stockpile just in case? Considering the news that other factories producing the same product have a backlog of work, I'm not going to take any chances and will get extras. In the event we successfully and completely conquer potty training (fingers crossed), I can always sell my stash to another mom in need. In fact, I bet a lot of trading may be going on amongst parents. Kids grow out of diapers so fast sometimes leaving us with extras of the smaller size lying around.

Of course we have to now prepare ourselves for the barrage of "that's why I use cloth." But before you go there, remember not everyone has a washing machine. And some of us have multiples.

Does this potential diaper shortage worry you? Will you stock up? Or is this just a big stink over nothing?


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