Teacher Cuts 7-Year-Old's Hair Without Bothering to Ask Mom

scissors and hairSometimes I hate my daughter's long hair. I hate the fights over brushing it. And washing it. And putting it up on gym class days. But I'm with the mom of the 7-year-old girl with down syndrome who got a haircut from a random adult at her school.

No one is going to put a pair of scissors near my daughter's hair without my permission. You got that? Especially not an assistant teacher at her school!


Poor Jessica Stirewalp got a call from a staffer at daughter Jesslyn's school. The woman wanted Jessica to know the girl's hair had gotten in her food. No surprise there: my 7-year-old does not have down syndrome, and I'm forever telling her to push her blond locks behind her ears. 

But then came the shocker. The woman had cut 4 inches of Jessyln's hair. Already! 

Hasn't this woman ever heard of soap and water? Maybe some detangler and a brush? You don't have to cut a kid's hair to get food out of it! At the very least she could have called Mom and asked her what she wanted done. If Mom said pull out the scissors, then OK, it's time to pull out the scissors.

Hair is such a personal thing for people. It's a part of our bodies. It's so visible. Don't people realize kids can have the same feelings? Just because this girl has down syndrome doesn't mean she was any less connected to what grows out of her head!

I can't help thinking about my kid in all of this. She's the exact same age as Jesslyn, and just like Jesslyn, she loves her hair. My daughter doesn't even like it when people joke about her shaving her head like I do every year. As her mother, I think it's important to take her feelings about her hair into consideration because it's her body. 

And when it comes to deciding what is done to my kid's body, I want to have the final say. Don't you?

What would you do if someone at your child's school cut their hair? Is it a big deal or is it "just" hair?



Image via Suslik1983/shutterstock

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