'Pass Out' Game Kills Teen Right Near His Father (VIDEO)

david nuno

Have you ever seen anyone play, or have you yourself played, the "pass out game"? I've witnessed people doing it before -- it's fairly terrifying and extremely freaky. It's basically when you cut off your oxygen by holding your neck in a certain way and, well, pass out. The point of the "game" is to achieve a high after the pressure is released from the person's neck. Kids, teens specifically, apparently do this all the time, often getting their "instructions" via YouTube videos.

A 15-year-old boy named David Nuno was in his bedroom with a group of friends the other night playing the game. And suddenly, things went horribly wrong -- and David died.


When David made himself pass out, he fell onto a glass tumbler that was on the floor, essentially, for lack of a better phrase, slashing his throat. He managed to run downstairs to try to get help from his father, but collapsed again. His dad held a towel against his neck to try to stop the bleeding, but to no avail. David was transported to a children's hospital in San Diego, where he, sadly, died.

Whenever I hear stories like this -- freak accident stories -- I seriously want to lock my infant daughter up in a room and just stand over her and watch for the rest of her life. But I know I can't. That would be insane and completely unfair to her (and to me). My parents didn't watch over my sister or me 24/7, and we're okay -- most kids are. But every once in a while, something terrible happens and a kid winds up dying.

This poor father is probably beating himself up right now, wishing there was something he could have done, wondering if he should have checked on his kid, or if he should have instilled some sort of "value" that would have made his son not play this game. But he shouldn't. Unfortunately, teenagers -- no matter how they're raised -- will most likely wind up doing stupid things. In some ways, it's a rite of passage.

I'm sure anyone with kids reading this right now is thinking about their own child, and how they can prevent something like this from happening. I know I am. The sad truth is, though, you can't really. It isn't realistic to helicopter parent your teenage kid -- when they're at home, the place that should be safest.

My heart is breaking for this kid, who had his entire life ahead of him. This kid who was doing the same thing everyone else was doing. But my heart is also aching for his parents. I'm sure it's impossible to not feel guilty, but I hope they're not. Or at least I hope it doesn't last forever. There wasn't much they could do.

Do you constantly worry about when your kid becomes a teenager?

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