Woman's Family Wins the Lottery Every Time She Gets Pregnant (Go Buy a Ticket!)

pregnant bellyPlenty of women will say they felt like they hit the jackpot when describing how lucky they are to have gotten pregnant with their babies, but one woman's pregnancies have literally brought her family members a dose of good luck that can't be explained. The Norwegian family has won the lottery three times -- and each time, 26-year-old Hege Jeanette has either been pregnant or just given birth.

Is that a crazy coincidence or what? And what's even more random is that two of the winnings occurred within hours of this woman giving birth. Hege's father won the first time, then she hit it big four years later in 2010. And just last week, her 19-year-old brother became the family's official third winner. (Talk about a baby being a good luck charm!)

Wait -- it gets better.


If you're assuming that the family played certain lotto numbers that corresponded with the dates of her pregnancies or giving birth, you're mistaken. It turns out that all three jackpots were a result of machine-generated numbers (like what we know as quick-picks). OMG. What are the odds of any one family being that lucky not one, but three times -- all around the time of pregnancies?

There just HAS to be something magical going on here, right? There definitely seems to be some sort of connection between Hege's fertility and the lottery gods, and if this family is smart, they'll continue to try their luck if she becomes pregnant again in the future.

She even joked that they are "urging her to have 10 children," which honestly may not be a bad plan considering just how fortunate they've been with their winnings so far.

For most women, having a healthy baby is enough of a prize, but I highly doubt anyone would complain about receiving a million-dollar payout as a "push present." Huh. Maybe I should've played the numbers a bit more back when I had my son six years ago. (Being a millionaire certainly wouldn't suck.)

Have you had any unexpected good luck since you became pregnant?


Image via SharonaGott/Flickr

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