Kid-Free Quiet Zones on Airplanes Don't Account for Loud, Stinky Adults

airplaneApparently someone has heard all the complaints from airline passengers about crying babies on airplanes, because starting next year, AirAsia is offering special seating in its new Quiet Zone where no children under 12 are permitted.

With the recent no-kids in first class policy at Malaysia Airlines, I can't say I'm surprised.


Though in this case, seating in the special no-kids section does not cost an additional fee and is by request only. And like the smoking and non-smoking sections on airplanes, which were separated by bulkheads and lavatories, sitting in this Quiet Zone doesn't guarantee that you'll be enjoying actual "peace and quiet" as the AirAsia website touts. I've been seated next to my fair share of extremely loud adults who have made me wish for a crying baby. What will the flight attendant do then?

And don't even get me started on the other annoying things people do on a plane that are way worse than a screaming child. Will there be a "Deodorant Required" Zone?

But maybe this new section will take a little pressure off parents, who have gone to extreme measures, like offering goody bags to fellow airplane passengers, as a way to help ease the difficulty of being on a plane with kids. Though it's doubtful we'll ever see something like this stateside.

Besides, I'm pretty sure all airlines already actually have a Quiet Zone. It's called "headphones," people. Use them. 

Would you want to sit in a kids-free Quiet Zone if you had the choice?

Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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