Kids & Mom Stunned When Porn Scene Pops Up in Disney Flick (VIDEO)

kids watching TVYou know how when you finally get your kids settled down in front of a movie, and let out a big sigh of relief knowing that you have a least a small window of time to get something done? Well, that's how Georgie Brown was feeling last week after sitting her three children down to watch the sweet Disney flick Lilo and Stitch. Only there was a glitch. Her minutes of peace were quickly interrupted as her children started screaming because graphic pornography had interrupted their movie!

Big oops. According to FOX Carolina, Brown had recorded the movie from the Disney Channel on Dish Network. She hit play and walked away, until she "heard things that probably shouldn't be on Lilo or Stitch." Instead of cute little animated characters, all of a sudden there were graphic images of adults getting it on. Talk about a change of pace.


She thought one of the kids -- ages 1, 3, and 5 -- must have changed the channel, but discovered no one had touched the remote. When she rewound to try and figure out what had happened, a box appeared that said, "Part of the recorded event has been lost due to sign loss." That faded and a full six minutes of pornography that involved a man and woman having sex ensued before the cartoon came back on. Yikes!

She told the station that while the youngest child had no clue what was going on, the 3-year-old was crying. She said the 5-year-old "grabbed his ears and ran out of the room screaming, 'I didn't do it,'" which is pretty funny, even if the whole situation isn't.

While it's certainly disturbing, it does just sound like a big mistake. A mistake that needs to be figured out so it doesn't happen again, but not something done intentionally.

While kids should never be exposed to pornography, and I would certainly be upset if mine were, I also don't think it's going to scar them for life. It's probably going to require a conversation or two, perhaps earlier than previously planned, but my guess is that they'll forget the whole incident sooner rather than later ... though that mom will likely never trust that TV to babysit her kids again.

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What would you do if your children were exposed to pornography like this?

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