Disgusting Bullies Who Mocked Pregnant Cheerleader Deserve to be Humiliated (VIDEO)

pregnant cheerleader prankSometimes the meanest girls in high school aren't girls at all, it turns out. Sometimes they're senior boys dressed up like girls. "Pudgy" girls, actually. "Pudgy cheerleaders," to be exact. Or, if you want to get super-specific, pudgy PREGNANT cheerleaders. Yup, told you they were mean -- especially considering these goons pulled their little stunt at a prep rally in an attempt to humiliate a former cheerleader for the opposing squad.

I say "former" because, as you may have guessed, this cheerleader didn't get to try out for the 2012 squad. On account of the whole pregnancy thing.


And just to beat that rival team over the head with their cruel point, the boys from Perry High added a particularly tasteless prop: A baby doll, apparently borrowed from health class.

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Obviously, this prank is sick and disturbing on about a million different levels: The bullying, the line-crossing, the slut-shaming, the thoughtless mockery of an innocent child. The flip, insensitive jab at an extremely challenging and all-too-common situation in our society. The list goes on and on, but the worst part, to me, is the fact that some "authority" figure MUST have known about this plan -- and let it happen anyway.

I mean, I'm not excusing the boys -- at ALL -- but, well, guys in high school are usually assholes, if I remember correctly, still addicted to the adolescent thrill of referencing sex in any way, shape or form. That's why teachers, parents and coaches are around -- to keep the offensive dumbasses in check. Except, nobody put the brakes on this idiotic scheme.

Some, at least, are reacting appropriately. Perry local schools superintendent John Richard says the student with the baby doll was "given a significant punishment and forced to write an official apology." But that's not enough.

Unless that "significant punishment" could somehow include getting knocked up by a clueless oaf and suffering heartless ridicule as a consequence, of course.

Do you think somebody could have and should have stopped these boys?

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