7-Year-Old Takes Down Kidnapper Twice Her Size to Save Her Little Cousin (VIDEO)

A-nari TaylorDo you ever feel like a broken record when you're talking to your kids? Don't touch that! Look both ways! Don't talk to strangers! Have heart, moms! A 7-year-old girl is being called a hero for saving her younger cousin from a creepy kidnapper, and she says it's the safety advice her mom drummed into her head that inspired her to do it.

Little A-nari Taylor was playing with 4-year-old Brandon Mincey outside his apartment in Miami earlier this summer when cops say a 39-year-old guy named David Moore walked up to the kids shouting strange messages about God. Then things got really freaky -- cops say Moore grabbed little Brandon and tried to take off.


The only reason he wasn't successful is A-nari, all of 7 years old and apparently a little spitfire. She chopped and kicked at Moore, as she told NBC:

Cause my mama always said safety is first.

Hear that moms? The messages we repeat over and over and over again with the dim hope that some of it is sinking in are worth it. They just saved a little boy's life. That's a message I think we parents need to hear more often.

We spend so much time repeating ourselves that it can seem futile. Just this morning I think I said the words "eat your breakfast" and "stop giving the cat your waffle" at least five times each. In the end the cat only got an eensy weensy piece, but I caught her trying to stick at least one whole waffle in the freezer when we were about to walk out the door. So only half of what I was saying got through. If I think too much about what she chooses to listen to and what she chooses to ignore, I could work myself up into a frenzy.

But little A-nari is exactly my daughter's age. And her heroism shows that the big things, the necessary things, do stick in their little brains, and they haul them out when it's necessary.

Check out this hero:

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What do you make of this little hero? Do you think your kids would do the same?


Image via NBC

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