Restaurant Calls Cops on Mom Who Refuses to Breastfeed in Bathroom (VIDEO)

Breastfeeding MomA breastfeeding mom in Georgia is furious at chain restaurant Applebee's after she says a manager told her that she could either stop feeding her 20-month-old son or she could go into the bathroom to do so. The altercation became ugly and both sides called the police.

In fact, Dawn Holland was in the right. Georgia has laws which allow mothers to nurse anywhere, so the officer who responded to the call didn't even file an incident report. Good on him. But bad, bad, bad on the manager. Seriously, what is the problem with a nursing mom needing to feed her child? And why on Earth do people still think breastfeeding in the bathroom is normal?

One of the first rules of living in the animal kingdom is don't poop where you eat. Duh.


These stories just get more and more ridiculous. It's just a BOOB, people. Look away if it bothers you so much.

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A restaurant like Applebee's that bills itself as good for families ought to be better acquainted with the state breastfeeding laws. If a breast is really so offensive, then maybe the law would be different. Diners who don't want to see a baby eating could ask to be moved. Or THEY could take their meal in the bathroom? How about that?

Oh wait. No one would even consider asking an adult to eat in the restroom. So why should a baby?

I have been a nursing mom and I can say that sitting on a toilet in a lonely public restroom was depressing. Sitting at my table, under a nursing cover, holding my baby, and talking to my husband was a much more pleasant experience for everyone. Sure, I had a cover. But not all moms can use one. And that's OK, too.

Babies need to eat. And boobs are where they get their food. The next time you find yourself in a chain restaurant thinking about ways to hurt new mothers or offended by the suggestion that we are, indeed, mammals who suckle our young, I have an idea. Take your chicken quesadillas and go to the bathroom. Shut the stall door.

Now you can't see anyone!

Have you ever fed your baby in the bathroom?


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