Baby Swallows Dangerous Expanding Ball, But It Could Have Happened to Anyone

water balzSometimes, it seems like you literally need to watch your child 24 hours a day in order to ensure that they never get hurt -- and that's just not possible, now is it? An 8-month-old baby named Arunya was rushed to the hospital recently when her great-grandmother and legal guardian discovered that she swallowed a ball the size of a marble -- a ball the size of a marble that grows up to 400 times its size when put in water. Yep, bad times, guys.


The name of the toy is called Water Balz, and as I said, they expand when put in water, like many children's toys do. Apparently, Arunya's great-grandmother thought she swallowed a piece of candy initially, but when the little girl started vomiting bile, had a distended belly, and severe constipation, she knew something was wrong. When surgeons operated on her, they found a 3.5-cm gel ball blocking part of her small intestines -- the Water Balz. Thankfully, the ball was found early, and Arunya was able to leave the hospital -- with no permanent damage -- within four days. The ball, apparently, belonged to Arunya's older sister.

Naturally, as everyone always wants a person to blame, people are up in arms with the great-grandmother right now. Comments like, "Why wasn't she watching her?" and "What is a great-grandmother doing watching an 8-month-old baby?" abound after blog posts everywhere. And they're kind of unwarranted, because not only do we not know the full story of why this great-grandmother is this little baby's guardian, we don't know how old the great-grandmother even is. And moreover, this could happen to anyone who has more than one kid. Babies put stuff in their mouths all the time.

Short of not allowing older siblings to have toys of this nature and watching your baby every single second, there isn't a ton that can be done to stop this sort of thing from happening to anyone. So, lay off ol' granny, everyone. I'm sure she already feels bad enough.

Has your kid ever swallowed anything they weren't supposed to?


Image via Incredible Science

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