Preschool Offers Free Babysitting to Parents Who Want to Have Sex

maternity wardIf parents know one thing, it's that after babies, finding time to do any uninterrupted baby-making activities becomes more and more challenging. Some child care facilities have realized how difficult it can be, so they're providing free child care so that parents can get it on. Seriously.

Where do you sign up, right? Well, you have to go to Denmark, as that's where the group of nurseries have come up with this creative offering for free "quality copulation time". The reason why they're doing it isn't just because they think parents deserve some time for sex, but rather because they want them to make more babies so they can stay in business.


According to the BBC the birth rate of the country is one of the lowest in the world, and the nurseries are seeing a declining number of kids enrolling. So in fear for their jobs, they came up with this creative solution to increase funding.

Dorte Nyman of the Grasshoppers kindergarten told the BBC, "Without money we can't look after the children well, and if there aren't enough children, there are not enough jobs for our workers."

So seven Danish kindergartens got together and decided to do something about it, and last Thursday they held the first two-hour party during which time there was food, music, and fun for the children. For parents, it was straight to bed ... if all went according to plan.

Of course, enforcing the intent of the childcare offering isn't really doable, and some parents flat out said they won't use the time as intended. ''Lots say, 'We'll bring our children to the party but you won't be getting any more children out of us,''' Nyman said. But hey, it's worth a try I guess. Of course, there's the question of whether two people who are so busy they can't carve out time for hanky panky should be bringing another child into their lives, but it's an offer that's pretty hard to refuse, and who knows what could happen.

Now if only they'd throw in some free housecleaning, laundry services, and someone to do the cooking, carpool, and everything else that gets in the way of married sex, then they may well get a population boom going.

What do you think of this idea -- crazy or brilliant?


Image via _Fidelio_/Flickr

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