Airlines to Start Separating Parents From Kids on Flights -- Yay!

airplaneHave you heard the latest about flying with your family? It sounds like some airlines may be charging you extra to seat your kids with you. A family who booked their flight to Disney World seven months in advance JUST so they could sit together got split up when their flight was changed. Their 5-year-old daughter was separated from them and seated next to strangers! The airline said they could re-assign the seats ... for a $60 fee.

Well of all the -- the parents complained to the airline and then to NBC News. How dare an airline charge families extra to be seated together. Do they really want to stick passengers with other people's young children?

Wait a minute. Why is this a problem? This actually sounds like a great idea!


Think about it: The airline seats your toddler on the other side of the plane from you. You give the passengers around your kid some advice and instructions. And then you get to enjoy the flight all alone! Watch a movie, read a book, take a nap, have a cocktail, ENJOY A COMPLETE THOUGHT IN YOUR HEAD WITHOUT ANY INTERRUPTIONS!

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Hey, your kid will be fine. There's plenty of other people around to help her. I'm sure random folks would love nothing more than to take her to the potty, read her a story, get her that toy, no that other toy, no that other toy, take her for a walk up and down the aisle, sing some songs, go through all the airplane snacks 12 times while they try to find something acceptable to eat, and then sit with the full weight of her bowling-ball head on their arm once she finally falls asleep, drool pooling on their sleeve.

Yup, smart move for the airline, smart move for you, parents! Let's do keep splitting up families like this. I think it's a fine idea. I mean, pay a sit-with-your-kids fee or accept the free childcare? It's a total no-brainer. Thanks, airlines!

UPDATE: Mom Amanda Parish says American Airlines finally honored their original request.

What would you do if an airline separated your kids from you and then told you they wouldn't seat you all together unless you paid a fee?


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