Parents Let 2-Year-Old Drive & Post It On Facebook (VIDEO)

boy drivingParents let their kids sit on their laps and "drive" all the time, right? So it shouldn't be a big deal that a father in North Carolina hoisted his 2-year-old onto his lap and let the little boy "steer" them home, right? Well, hmm, that's up for debate.

When my dad let me sit on his lap and drive when I was 3 or 4, it was from the driveway into the garage. This couple thought it'd be cool if they let their son take the wheel on a two-lane highway, in the rain. They also thought it'd be tops if they took video of it all and posted it on Facebook.


That was not some stellar decision making. Besides the fact that they put their son in danger by letting him ride outside of his car-seat, they shared a video of their bold choice on social media. That's what gets me.

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Parents have to weigh a lot of options. Do they want to listen to a hissy fit for an hour, or give in and let the kid have a second cookie? Do they want to let them cry it out, or let Junior sleep with mommy and daddy? Do they want to share a cool experience "driving" together, or play it safe and keep everyone buckled up?

Moms and dads balance (what seems like) hundreds of these options every minute. Sometimes they make good choices, sometimes they make terrible ones, but if there are more positives than negatives, they're doing a pretty OK job.

However, it gets tricky when you expose, or brag about, one of those weak parenting moments. This N.C. couple, although they supposedly now regret their choice to let their toddler drive, took to Facebook to boast that their boy's a great driver, lol, and, well, that's not good.

You're allowed to make bad decisions as a parent (for the most part), but common sense should stop you from sharing those not-awesome decisions with the world. Because once someone starts taking pride in their poor choices, that's when you have to begin to worry.

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