Pregnant Woman Jumps Off Cliff for One Last Thrill Before Mommyhood & Dies

parachutesIt was supposed to be Wioletta Roslan's last base jump. She was four months pregnant and an avid extreme sports addict, but she knew with a baby growing inside her, it was time to take a break. She just wanted to do it one last time.

It was that last time that killed both her and her unborn baby. According to The Sun, last weekend, the 37-year-old Swedish woman was attempting the jump from a cliff despite her mother begging her not to do it.


Halina Zaniewska-Pettersson told the paper:

But she always wanted to carry on. I couldn't force her not to do it -- she was old enough to make up her own mind about things.

Roslan's boyfriend, Aleksander Domalewski, jumped with her -- from her favorite spot at Via Ferrata cliff in Switzerland -- and watched helplessly as she struggled to get her parachute open on the way down. But she could not do so. A source told the paper that he said "she had simply spread her arms and waited for the impact."

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It's heartbreaking, but also maddening, because it shouldn't have happened.

I'm all for women being active while pregnant. I have friends who have run all the way up until their due date, done yoga on the way into the delivery room, and all sorts of other activities. I by no means think pregnant women should sit down and be safe for the entire gestation period. But there are limits as to what one should do, and Roslan flagrantly defied them. In a recent television interview, she said, "I only feel alive when I jump. I find normal life boring."

And that's great, but there's a time when you have to put your child's safety and health before your own pleasure, and it starts the minute you know you're pregnant. And yes, sometimes that means boring. It's hard to give up the things we love sometimes, but that's what being a parent is about, and sadly Roslan will never experience that wonderful thrill.

Do you think it was irresponsible for this woman to base jump while she was pregnant?


Image via Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson/Flickr  

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