School Lets Autistic Boy Go Hungry Because Parents Forget Lunch Money (VIDEO)

school noteA New Jersey school has a lot of explaining to do after they didn't feed a kindergartner lunch because of a billing issue -- John Robert was denied food because his parents had an outstanding bill -- one they say they forgot to pay because it was the first few days of school and things were, presumably, a little hectic. The parents, Silvia and John Caravella, found out that their son didn't get fed through a note the teacher sent home.

Understandably, they're angry. Why didn't any faculty member speak up for John Robert and lend him the $2 so that he could get some lunch? Especially since he's autistic and can't necessarily stand up for himself.


It's really hard to believe that an adult would let a kid go without lunch -- you'd think someone would have intervened and given the kid some money, or a sandwich, or something, but no. It's hard to wrap my brain around. Why didn't anyone come to John Robert's defense?

The school district says it was an "unfortunate oversight", which, yes, it is, but you have to wonder about the quality of a staff who just doesn't care enough to see that their students, most specifically the ones with special needs, get the help that they require.

On the other hand, it was also an oversight that the Caravellas didn't pay their bill; I suppose one could argue that we should also wonder about the quality of the parents who let the payment of their autistic son's lunch bill slip through the cracks, but somehow, hmm. It doesn't bother me as much as it does that a faculty knowingly denied lunch to a child with special needs.

The parents didn't show willful neglect, but the school's staff did. There are rules, like you have to pay for lunch, but sometimes, common sense should take over, and those rules should be broken.

The Caravellas say they're now considering private school.

What's your take on this story?

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