Military Dad Goes to Starbucks to Watch His Wife Give Birth

delivery roomWhen it came time to give birth, my husband was right by my side the whole time, and the moment when our daughter came into the world was a magical time we got to share. He often tells me he wouldn't have missed it for the world. Army Spc. Tomek Boley wasn't quite as lucky as my husband. He was serving in Kuwait when his son was born, but he didn't have to miss his little boy's entrance to the world. He got to watch the whole birth from a Starbucks!

Can you just picture how that went down? "Hey you, with the grande skinny mochaccino, get your eyes off my screen, that's my wife you're looking at!"


Poor guy!

Apparently Boley was three months into his nine-month tour of duty when his wife Hannah went into labor. He'd gotten permission from his commanding officer to take time off to Skype the birth, but he worried that the unreliable Internet service at the base would keep him from being there for the big moment.

So he packed up his laptop and hit Starbucks (did you know they have them in Kuwait? Me neither!) ... and proceeded to spend 26 hours there while his wife went through the entire delivery start to finish. TWENTY-SIX! Can you imagine how many scones he ate to keep the annoying baristas at bay that long?

Obviously Hannah Boley did the real hard work here, but I have to hand it to this military daddy for going to some pretty big extremes to make sure he didn't miss the moment his son came into the world. Every once in awhile you hear about dads who don't want to be at the hospital and you wonder what they're thinking. Now I wonder something more: what would they do if they knew guys who are already doing us proud by serving our country are going to extra lengths to be there for their wives and kids. I'd like to think it would spur them to act, but probably not.

Congratulations to the Boley family on little Ivan. Here's hoping the rest of Spc. Boley's tour overseas goes well and he gets home to his little man.

Who was watching you give birth?


Image via norfolkdistrict/Flickr

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