Mom Spends 3 Years Searching U.S. for Son's Beloved Stuffed Monkey (VIDEO)

ah ah blue monkeyFor any mom who's ever gone through the heartwrenching experience of watching her child lose a "lovie," this story is for you! (For those who have not gone through that particular parental hell, this story is a reminder to go out and purchase exact replicas of whatever stuffed animal/blankie your child drags around like a live-action Linus, ASAP!) See, back when Liam turned 1, his grandparents gave him a blue stuffed monkey. He loved that monkey. Like, loooooved that monkey. He named it "Ah-Ah." (He was only 1, remember.)

Anyway, as is usually the case with small children and such beloved items, Liam took Ah-Ah with him everywhere. Until one tragic day, three years ago, when Ah-Ah went missing on a camping trip.


Liam was "devastated," poor little guy, and his mom did everything she could think of to find the monkey, retracing steps and making phone calls and probably crying along with her heartbroken son when Ah-Ah couldn't be found. But one thing Liam's mom absolutely refused to do was to give up.

Liam's mom never forgot about Ah-Ah, and while surfing eBay recently in search of a viola for her daughter, "something told her" to type in "blue monkey." A posting popped up: Hundreds of miles away, a little blue monkey for sale who looked just like Ah-Ah!

Of course it couldn't be the real Ah-Ah, she figured, but bought it anyway, thinking it might make a suitable replacement.

Well, I hope you're sitting down because ... drum roll ... it WAS the real Ah-Ah! "From the hair on top of its head that was singed in the dryer to the jagged cut" where Liam cut the tag off its leg.

Grab a big old handful of tissues before you watch this reunion:

I know -- so sweet it breaks your heart! I just LOVE that Liam's mom never stopped thinking about that blue monkey. I mean, three years later it entered into her head to search for the lost lovie on eBay?! Amazing. And such a potentially formative experience, too: Good luck telling THIS kid miracles don't happen. Cause he knows for a fact they do!

Has your kid ever lost a lovie? Did you find it?


Image via normalityblows/YouTube

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