Mom's 'First Day of School Dance' Sends Her Embarrassed Kids Running for the Bus (VIDEO)

school bus stop signMoms! Dads! Do you feel a little guilty about the song in your heart and the dance in your step during back-to-school season? Then you need to watch the video of a mom who was caught quite literally doing a happy dance in the middle of the street as she saw her kids off for their first day of school.

Massachusetts mom Tracy Moutafis has been dancing in the streets -- literally -- for the past four years. And after watching her get down to Kool & the Gang's "Celebration" while her kids ran as fast as they could to get their little hineys on the bus, she's my new hero.


Haha! I think the kids running away from her was the best part, wasn't it? I wish my kid would run away from me!

OK, not really! No need to call CPS, I love my daughter "bunches" as she's wont to say. I don't ever want her to think I'd be happy to see her go.

But there's that point we all get to during the summer when you look at your dear, darling child and all that you can think is, "Good gracious, child, can't I just send you back to school so I can have five seconds of peace and quiet?" I have sooooo been there. I work from home and despite paying mother's helpers to babysit, I still have to hear a lot of the noise and deal with at least half of the whining. Those rainy weeks are the worst -- there are few places for the kid and sitter to hide in our small house, and we all get on each other's nerves.

So I look forward to back-to-school time. And the more parents who agree with me, the better I feel about it!

I fully believe that school makes us a happier family. I celebrate like Moutafis (although the dancing stays in my head!) when I send her off in the morning, but that little break gives me time to clear my head, to get things done, to be ME. By the time she gets home, I'm genuinely happy to see her and she's happy to be home.

How about you? Does sending your kids off to school help make your family happier?


Image via Cast a Line/Flickr

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