Woman Pregnant With Her Brother's Twins Must Make His Wife Feel Guilty

pregnantOut of all the stories I've ever heard about the power of love between siblings, hearing about a sister who loves her brother so much, she's pregnant with his twins definitely takes the cake. Yes, I know that sounds pretty Jerry Springer-ish, but it's anything but scandalous, I assure you.

Tiffany Burke is pregnant with her brother James' twins because she agreed to serve as a surrogate to him and his wife, Natalie, since Natalie is no longer able to carry children on her own after losing her uterus in an emergency surgical procedure.


Wow, can you even imagine having a sister-in-law who loved you enough to carry your babies? Tiffany is one very unselfish soul for sure, especially considering just how sick and tired this pregnancy has made her.

She's suffered from horrible nausea for most of the pregnancy so far, which has made her resort to sleeping the days away for relief. And she's even found it hard to spend time and tend to her two own children, ages 7 and 3, because she's so sick and exhausted most of the time.

And even though being a surrogate is something she truly wanted to do for her brother, I can't even imagine how much guilt her sister-in-law Natalie must be feeling for putting such a strain on her life. It must be so tough for her to watch Tiffany struggling simply to manage her normal, everyday routine -- all while knowing she's carrying two babies who belong to her, who will be placed in her arms at the end of the pregnancy instead of Tiffany's.

While she's no doubt eternally grateful to her for being willing to give her and James the gift of more children, I can't help but wonder if she has days when digging out from under the guilt is almost unbearable. She must feel so indebted to Tiffany for the rest of her life, because there's just no way you can ever repay something like that.

And as much as people will applaud Tiffany for carrying these babies for her brother and sister-in-law, Natalie's strength should be noted as well. Not many women would be able to handle a journey like this without falling apart.

Would you ever let a family member be your surrogate?


Image via Crystal_1979/Flickr

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