Teens Celebrate Football Win With Prostitutes in Hotel While Chaperones Are Fast Asleep (VIDEO)

football fieldFive football players from DeMatha Catholic High School in Maryland are in extremely hot water (to say the least) after being accused of hiring prostitutes while on a team trip in North Carolina. The high schoolers were apparently pretty proud of the fact that they won their first game of the season against Hillside High School, so they found a call service and invited prostitutes to come to their hotel for a little celebration of sorts.

After the incident, all five players have been kicked off the football team, two of them have withdrawn from DeMatha Catholic High School, and as for the other three? One is set to have a disciplinary hearing, and the other two may be expelled.

And yes -- after hearing this story, I wondered the exact same thing as you are probably curious about right now: Where in the hell were the chaperones while this behavior was taking place?


Because there weren't just a few coaches along for the trip -- there were actually 18 chaperones who accompanied the team to make sure they didn't get into any sort of mischief. (Fail.)

But from the way it sounds, the adults did what they were supposed to do -- because they conducted bed checks at both 1:30 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., and the sexual encounter with the prostitutes is said to have taken place at 5:00 a.m. I mean, chaperones aren't exactly babysitters, and they don't typically sleep in the same hotel room as the kids on high school trips. (Or at least they never did when I was in high school -- has the norm changed these days?)

Kids will be kids, and it doesn't sound like there is much the adults could have done to stop the incident from happening, but it's pretty obvious that these players needed way more supervision than anyone thought necessary that night. It's just such a shame that they started their school year off with such a horrible use of judgement, which may wind up ruining their lives for years to come.

You can hear more about what happened with the DeMatha players in this video clip.

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Do you think chaperones should be required to stay with high school kids on overnight trips?


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