Crazy Dad Posts Fake Obituary of His Perfectly Healthy 7-Year-Old Son

fake obitFamily dynamics can sometimes be a little crazy, especially in blended families. But one dad in Colorado took this to a new extreme when he posted a fake obituary for his (very much alive) 7-year-old son. The story is bizarre and more than a little confusing.

It seems the dad wanted everyone to think that his son had been very ill (he wasn't) and that he died from his illness. His girlfriend Bethany Tharp had been posting on her Facebook page about the boy’s health. She claimed he had tumors and was in a sterile bubble in an ICU room and that he was cremated.

Oh. My. GAWD. People, WTH? Why? If I were the boy's mother, I wouldn't want my child anywhere near these crazies.


We don't know why someone would do something like this. Possibilities include wanting attention, wanting money (maybe?), or even something more sinister. Maybe they planned to hurt the boy.

The other issue, of course, is that so many parents are going through REAL problems with their children. They have REAL sick kids and REAL deaths in the family. My heart aches for anyone whose real life is this pain. This fake obit makes a mockery of that.

These aren't decent people. If I were this child's mother, I would be beside myself.

In the obit, Tharp was listed as the boy’s mother. That in itself is chilling. As a mom, I would have alarm bells going off for so many reasons. The sad thing is, it's hard to know what she can do.

She can take him to court, but then what? It takes months to get a court date, and even once she does, she probably can't take away the father's rights. This is stupid and wrong and maybe even criminal, but it might not constitute abuse in the eyes of the court.

Once you are in the system, you are beholden to it. This poor mom can't control what happens to her son whether she likes it or not. It's hard to imagine the sleepless nights she will face if her son still have to have visitation with this man. He is 7 years old! He is a baby!

This story is strange and frightening and clearly there is more than meets the eye. As an aside: Why did the paper not fact check a death? Doesn't that seem somewhat basic?

Do you think this dad should be able to see his son anymore?


Image via NS Newsflash/Flickr

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